Troubleshooting Unifi Controller – Devices Stuck in Adopting Loop

Due to the recent migration of my Ubiquti Controller docker instance from my Synology to my Unraid server, I’ve encountered a few issues during the rebuild process.

One issue that I’ve been having is that all of the devices have been stuck in a loop where the controller is trying to adopt them and doesn’t succeed.

Turns out this is a super common issue that I was able to find the solution to here:

Turns out the underlying issues is that the “Host to Inform” value is incorrect. The host to inform in a config value that is sent off to the devices which the devices then use to figure out how to connect up to the Ubiquiti controller. If this is set incorrectly, the devices can’t figure out how to connect for provisioning.

To Correct This

Log into your Unifi Controller

Go to Settings

Navigate to System

Update the host to inform to the hostname or ip address of the Unifi Controller

In my case, I changed this:

To this:

Now everything is provisioned again!