Play Unreal Gold in Ultrawide with High Refresh Rate

It warms my heart when I find that communities are still putting together patches to get older games to run on modern hardware. Old Unreal is an example where we have a patch that gives Unreal support for high refresh rate as well a high ultrawide resolution. Here’s how to add it for yourself:


  • Unreal Gold is already installed and fully updated. I’m using the version from Steam.
  • You need to have 7-Zip installed. You can find it here

Download the Old Unreal Patcher

Unpack the .7z file you just downloaded

Run the exe UnrealGoldPatch227i.exe

Find the path to your game installation

If you’re using the version that installed from Steam, it’s probably located in: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Unreal Gold

Select you language

Then hit “Next >”

Put in the path to your Unreal Installation

Then hit “Next >”

Then hit “Next >”

Then hit “Install”

Run Unreal Gold

Make sure to select the OpenGL renderer

Go Into Options > Preferences

Under Video Set Your Preferred Resolution

To Select a High Refresh Rate, Navigate to Options > Advanced Options

Under Advanced Options Navigate to Rendering > OpenGL Support > FrameRateLimit and set the value to the desired amount
Close that window and you’re done!